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Packing tips

Posted by Kirby Lago on

At Pack and Store we ensure your items are packed and transported in the safest and most efficient way to reduce the risk of damages.

Since moving home is a delicate and somewhat challenging time for all involved it makes perfect sense to be well prepared, being ready with adequate moving supplies well before your move will ensure your home is packed correctly and your goods transported safely.

Packing can be simple and easy provided you pack smart, here are a few pointers to get you started -

  • Packing rooms individually can reduce clutter, stress and risk of forgetting important items. Start by first  packing storage areas and attics, finish with the kitchen and bathrooms last as these will still be in use during the packing and moving process. 
  • Pack lighter weight items carefully, avoid gaps as this will cause contents to move around during transport.
  • Wrap and protect mattresses, furniture and valuable items. Use waterproof storage covers or removalist blankets.
  • For heavy, fragile and precious items try to use double cushion cardboard boxes also known as twin cushion boxes.
  • Books, DVD's and solid non-breakable items should be packed together in small to medium size boxes only.
  • Remember boxes can tear if sharp and obscure items are not packed correctly, so ensure you wrap these well before sealing.
  • Use blankets, sheets and pillows as space fillers if needed, these provide a great cost effective protection when needed.
  • Pack liquids carefully, close all lids tightly, wrap if needed and check thoroughly before sealing, liquids can cause extensive damage and may also be a hazard. Take care when packing cleaning products and dangerous chemicals, these should never be combined with foods or personal items. 
  • Grab a pen! Boxes should be labeled immediately with a marker pen , always indicate the contents on a side that’s easily visible when the box is stacked.
  • For 'fragile' items seal using fragile tape or indicate clearly on all sides with a marker.
  • Boxes should ideally be numbered or named individually for similar rooms i.e 'Bedroom 1' or 'Master Bedroom'
  • Sturdy and strong 'double cushion' cardboard boxes allow you to stack your boxes safely on top of each other, this will minimise the amount of space required in trucks or when in storage.
  • Use only quality packing products, cheap alternatives may seem like a wise purchase, although rarely will provide the same results.
  • and dont be shy to ask an expert for help.

For more packing and storing advice contact your experts at Pack and Store today. 

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