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Furniture Storage Covers

  • $250

Provides protection from dirt, dust and water during moving, storage, and renovation. Slips easily over furniture and other bulky items. Tie or tape closed. These covers are generally accepted to be the industry standard and widely used within the storage, self-storage, removals, and packing industries.

The individually packaged covers are available in 3 standard sizes. The lightweight and reusable 40um plastic provides strong protection. The covers can be sealed completely for airtight protection or semi-sealed to assist with moisture evaporation.

Available Sizes 
Length: 1200mm
Width: 1000mm
Quantity: 2 Per Pack

Length: 1950mm
Width: 1600mm
Quantity: 2 Per Pack

Length: 3050mm
Width: 1820mm
Quantity: 1 Per Pack 


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