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King, Queen and Single Mattress Storage Covers - Individual Packs

  • $379

An excellent solution for protecting mattresses whilst in storage or when moving, provide protection from dust, dirt, water and bugs.

- Lightweight and reusable

- Durable 40-60um plastic

- Generously sized to allow for pillow-top or cushioned mattresses

- Available in 3 standard sizes 

Single - BPSM
Length: 2250mm
Width: 1200mm
Depth: 250mm
Thickness: 40um

Queen / Double - BPQM
Length: 2500mm
Width: 1600mm
Depth: 300mm
Thickness: 40um

King - BPKM
Length: 2550mm
Width: 1850mm
Depth: 350mm
Thickness: 60um

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