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Packing Tape - Natural Rubber PP30 (Clear) - Packstore

Packing Tape - Natural Rubber PP30 (Clear)

  • $298

Natural Rubber Tape provides the most consistent reliable box closure and the most adhesive of any pressure sensitive tape.

This tape uses a natural rubber solvent. It adheres to a variety of board surfaces throughout temperature extremes and is widely recognised as the better product for refrigeration. Natural Rubber will age & discolour with exposure to UV, but it will hold its tack longer than Hot Melt.

Best for sealing cardboard boxes, corrugated paper products and sealing cartons, natural rubber tape also adhere instantly to plastics and general surfaces. 
Rubber Tapes provides heavy duty split resistants.
Available in brown and clear

Width: 48mm
Length: 75 Metres
Colour: Clear

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