Heavy Duty Rubber Mover Bands - 6 PACK

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The Heavy Duty Rubber Mover Bands - 6 PACK will make your next move a breeze. Firmly hold loose doors in place so you can squeeze through tight places with accuracy and speed. Wrap and secure fridges or washing machines when in transport. Keep moving blankets and furniture covers in place when moving or in storage.

Quantity: 6 PACK
Small: 65cm / Max 130cm
Medium: 80cm / Max 160cm
Large: 92cm / Max 184cm

    Saves you time and money when used in place of tapes or shrink wrap. Non-abrasive material safe to use with fragile surfaces

    • Durable natural rubber  
    • Reusable & eco-friendly 
    • Available in three sizes 
    • Cheaper & safer alternative to tape
    • Product of Sri Lanka 

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